Born and raised an Austinite, Austin is my home. The quirky, the weird, and the Texan cultures of Austin have been absorbed into the fibers of my being without a doubt. I support local businesses unabashedly, eat tacos regularly without shame, and go to art events relentlessly. On top of that, the fibers I wear match the eclecticism I live. From wearing boots and pearl snaps one day to wearing either my skinny jeans and loafers or my jean shorts and tank-top the next, I am living witness that variety is the spice of life. (While we're at it, I dig spicy food and cooking.) 

My wonderful family raised me to love the arts, continues to give me lasting memories, and never fails to support my work. They have been instrumental in teaching me that my passion for the arts, community and civic life, and work that is both practical and meaningful will lead me to a future that I could never have dreamed of. My eternal thanks goes out to them for their love. 

I offer these nuggets of wisdom for anyone who dared to reach the end of this page:
Nugget 1: share the fruits of your own life with others relentlessly because we're all hungry for good things. 
Nugget 2: celebrate and encourage others to live out their inner creativity and to live their own life because we all need to see the good in ourselves through the eyes of others.
Nugget 3: be free to be yourself because why the hell would you want to be anybody else?


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